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As part of a state-wide tourism initiative to offer greater services for visitors, the Mackay Tourism Centre approached Myport with the task of providing a system that can offer free wireless internet access to visitors in return for building a marketing database of visitor information.

The Challenge

In order to further drive tourism in the area and promote a better overall experience for visitors, the Mackay Tourism and Information Centre required a solution to offer free Wi-Fi to all visitors in exchange for some demographic and marketing information from them.

The wireless solution needed to be flexible and provide for a customised splash page, information capture and up to data database. As part of a wider Queensland Tourism and state government initiative, it is essential that any wireless solution have security and protocols in place to prevent illegal and illicit use of the network.

As tourism centres are only small venues, the solution also needed to be completed on a strict budget restraint that doesn’t compromise on quality. The Mackay Tourism Information Centre also required a separate wireless connection for office use.

  • Ability to  offer free Wi-Fi access to visitors

  • Stay in control and monitor usage

  • Wi-Fi to be an online representation of their brand and sponsors

  • Answer a short survey in return for free internet access

  • Dedicated office wireless connection in conjunction with the public network

  • Bandwidth control to prevent abuse of the free network

  • Receive information on the users of the network – location, purpose and demographic

  • Cost-effective system that is easy to set up and requires no configuration

The Solution

Myport’s pre-configured café & tourism access point and customised splash page package was the perfect solution for Mackay Tourism and well within budget. In addition to providing the access points pre-configured with all relevant access types and security, Myport also implemented a customised splash page to capture the following information:

  • Email address capture (for marketing purposes)

  • Purpose of Visit

  • Age and Gender

  • Tourism Attractions that interest them

  • Social Media Links

The pre-configured access points were also designed to offer a separate, secure office network as well as providing reliable public access. By pre-configuring the devices and managing everything remotely, the venue benefits from a high quality wireless network, customised to their needs at a fraction of the cost.

A database of the information capture responses was also created and maintained as the information continues to grow.

The Benefits

The Mackay Tourism and Information Centre is now offering free Wi-Fi access to all public access in exchange for the information requested on the splash page.

With unlimited data available, the tourism centre has become a hotspot for activity in the area and has become a valuable tool in promoting the tourism activities in the region.

By analysing the data provided by the visitors in exchange for free Wi-Fi access, the Mackay Tourism management team have been able to refine their strategies and communication methods with visitors to drive further tourism in the area

This database continues to grow as more and more users provide their details in exchange for the free Wi-Fi access and is proving to be very successful and beneficial for both parties.