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River Place Apartments is one of Brisbane’s premier venues for apartment rentals and is an iconic high rise building along the Brisbane River. With over 320 rooms spanning 38 floors, 5 star surroundings and professional class facilities, River Place Apartments sets a high standard of living and is one of the best apartment rental venues in Brisbane.

The Challenge

As one of the most sought after venues for medium-long term accommodation in the Brisbane CBD, River Place identified a clear need for guests to access reliable internet in their rooms. Currently the only option available to guests is to lock into a long-term contract with a traditional ISP for an ADSL connection, or use the much more expensive 3G/4G wireless networks provided by mobile carriers.

River Place management engaged Myport to provide a high-speed wireless internet connection into 180 rooms spread through the 38 floors of the building. With floors containing a varying amount of rooms that required a connection, it was important to design a network that could be deployed in different configurations on every level.

A key requirement was to be able to provide coverage to guests in all rooms within the apartments, so careful consideration must be made of the large apartment sizes and interference generated from the luxury kitchen fit-outs and facilities.

In order to compete with the traditional ISP offerings in the building, River Place Apartments also required the ability to offer an unlimited data connection to their guests and have a sufficient backhaul to sustain this. The final solution must also be cost-effective, with clear opportunity to generate a large revenue stream and turn the wireless network into a cash-flow positive investment.

The Solution

After performing an extensive site survey on the venue, Myport was able to identify a unique solution that would provide coverage to all 180 rooms within the letting pool, without wasting time and money on providing coverage to units that were outside of the scope of the project.

This presented an extremely cost-effective solution for the venue, with the confidence that high speeds and reliable coverage would be available in every unit included in the project, scalable well into the future as demands increase.

Myport installed a low profile, in-room wall mounted access point into each room included in the brief, taking advantage of an existing cabling system, making alterations to provide power seamlessly over the same network through power over ethernet. This removed the need for any in-room power connections and allowed for a fully secured, installed access point in each room that can’t be removed by guests.

Leveraging our long-standing relationships with multiple ISPs, Myport was able to provide a bonded copper solution to provide a reliable, fast backhaul for guests with unlimited usage available. River Place Apartments were able to use their custom management portal to set and create pricing and monthly contracts for guests, integrating the wireless network into their standard package offering for accommodation.

Careful time management and project planning was an essential part of the solution given the small window of time that each apartment was available. With over 7 years of experience in wireless installations, Myport was able to streamline this process to be smooth and efficient and providing a great service to both the venue and its guests.

The Benefits

By offering a high speed, reliable wireless connection directly into each apartment, River Place Apartments has been able to deliver a very attractive internet package to its guests. Traditional ISPs offering ADSL connections and mobile networks are now being replaced by the River Place wireless network, that offers guests the benefits of:

  • No installation costs

  • Available to get connected straight away

  • No long-term contract

  • No excess usage fees

  • Option for unlimited data

  • Competitive pricing

Since installing the wireless network to River Place Apartments guests have been extremely positive about the value-added offering that the wireless network represents.

As a management group, River Place Apartments have been able to successfully monetise their wireless network by providing fantastic value to their guests. The wireless network is now generating a substantial income every month, creating a clear return on investment and strong growth month over month.

River Place Apartments have also been approached by permanent residents and owners that were not originally included in the scope of the project asking to get connected so they can take advantage of the competitive pricing plans on offer. By implementing a scalable solution, Myport can easily add additional rooms into the network and increase the scope and revenue-potential of the wireless network for River Place Apartments.

Myport have also taken away the stress of managing the internet backhaul for the network and now monitor and maintain the wireless bandwidth that is available to guests. With clearly planned out solutions for expansion as demand increases, River Place Apartments can focus on continuing to run their core business and make the wireless network work for them.