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WiFi in the hospitality industry is a recipe for success – the longer customers stay, the more they’ll pay. Myport gives customers a reason to stay longer and makes WiFi management simple.

Plug and play portal

Myport for hospitality provides a simple plug and play WiFi solution. Bars, restaurants and cafes are transforming their WiFi network into a robust marketing resource. Build databases, engage customers through social media and give them relevant offers in real time. It’s all easy to manage from your own portal dashboard, and staff accessibility can be monitored through a tiered permission structure.

Reward customer loyalty

Find out who is visiting your venue, how often they visit, at what time and how long they stay. This gives you a better understanding of your customers so you can market to them and effectively reward their loyalty.

Customise your welcome page

Tailor your WiFi welcome page to inform guests on food and drink specials, live entertainment or upcoming events.


Giving free WiFi means social media status updates. Encourage and incentivise shares, likes, follows and tweets about your food specialties, that signature cocktail or the perfect coffee.

Smarter marketing

Strengthen your marketing database with qualified opt in email addresses, or ask guests to fill out a short survey to improve your products and service.

Third Party advertisers

Larger businesses/franchises can on-sell the welcome page to third party advertisers or event sponsorship. Customers simply view an ad or even a short video, and content can be filtered by areas (alcohol ads in the bar, soft drink ads in the restaurant).

Cloud Based

Our software is cloud based, simple to install, easy to use and navigate through and works across all operating platforms and devices (laptop, tablet or smartphone).

Manage Your Usage

Monitor and manages your Wi-Fi usage so there’s no nasty ISP bills at the end of the month.