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API Integration

Our API development is continually expanding and improving. With our software being utilised across such a diverse range of industries, there’s no limit to what’s possible for your WiFi network Contact us today to find out how our software management system can seamlessly work with your existing IT systems.

Sync your data with ours

Our software batches invaluable raw data on guests that enter your WiFi network and builds it into informative and easy to understand analytics. Outside of standardised portal reporting, we tailor API’s for individual clients and their respective systems.

Regardless of the industry, system or acronym (SaaS, ERP, BI or CRM) chances are we’ve found a way to give you deeper data by overlaying our WiFi analytics into your databases. If you’d like more information on this exciting development frontier, contact us today and experience a new way of getting to know your clients better.

Empower & delight

Empower your client facing staff with better information about their guests. From hotel reception staff to in-store retail assistants, give them more specific information so they can promote more relevant offers and give customers a better experience with your brand.

Staff can be forewarned of returning VIP’s before they enter the hotel and the concierge can offer them their favourite drink from the bar or room upgrade before they’ve approached reception. Retail floor staff armed with POS tablets can offer new season discounts to returning customers or send e-coupons (based on social media interests) direct to their mobile.

App development

Budding app developers are discovering the power of adding Myport’s API functionality into their systems. The sky is the limit and the opportunities and possibilities are endless, just ask us how now!