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The Sunshine Coast Airport is the principal airport for the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, operating 24 hours a day and catering for over 1 million passengers per year. As the gateway to the majority of international and inter-state tourism in the region, offering world class facilities to visitors is an essential part of promoting and attracting travel.

The Challenge

The Sunshine Coast Airport approached Myport with the task of providing fast and reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout all teminals of the airport that integrates a passenger survey in exchange for free internet access.

As a high traffic venue that operates 24 hours a day, the solution had to meet very specific requirements, including:

  • Provide coverage to over 20,000 passengers per day

  • Capable of providing quality connection to 150 concurrent users throughout the venue

  • Full coverage for over 4000 square feet of floor space

  • Minimum bandwidth of 5Mb download / 1MB upload

  • Installed within specific time frame

  • Cost effective solution within budget

  • Accessible database of survey information

The Solution

To provide coverage throughout such a large, high traffic venue, Myport conducted several detailed site surveys and thorough network analysis to create a solution that would not only meet all of the clients specific requirements, but be scalable and adaptable for future technology.

Myport installed discrete ceiling mounted access points through the venue at strategic locations, optimised to provide the best performance for each user. Using a conjunction of smart hotspot technology, equipment calibration and specific product selection, Myport created a network that is adaptive and flexible to adjust to the amount of traffic and users it encounters.

In addition to the standard management portal, Myport also provided an easily accessible database that stores the answers to the customer survey that is given in exchange for free Wi-Fi access. A customised splash page was provided to remain consistent with Sunshine Coast Airport Branding and an updateable survey is used to better improve the airport facilities month upon month.

The Benefits

The Sunshine Coast Airport now sets itself apart from the major airports by offering free Wi-Fi access to all of its passengers and visitors throughout the year. By offering free access in exchange for completion of a short survey, the venue receives valuable feedback that continues to drive and target improvements in all aspects of the airport.

On average, the Sunshine Coast Airport receives 150 completed surveys per day, peaking at over 6000 responses per month in busy periods. With questions relating directly to the customer experience, demographic and areas for improvement, the wireless network has become a ‘Win Win’ situation for both the venue and its clients.

The growing database of feedback is now used to track trends and view the impact of different changes and strategies that are implemented throughout the venue, and continues to become more useful as the user base expands.