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Community WiFi Setup

As a community service and a means to develop business and activate public space, civic Wi-Fi is an increasing part of any urban infrastructure. Myport is helping councils, municipalities, precincts and tourism bodies realise the potential of providing free Wi-Fi to residents and first time visitors. A free Wi-Fi service attracts visitors to designated local areas and tourist hotspots. The benefits of community WiFi include:

Build your database

Grow your marketing database by capturing an email address or promote social media interaction. Obtain valuable visitor feedback from a short survey sign in and use it to improve your guests experience on site.

Generate revenue  

Provide a revenue stream by on-selling your precincts landing page to community sponsors or to third parties by offering location-specific advertising messages during public events.

Educate and inform

Educate or provide information about the history and future of a precinct, development site or historical tourist attraction.

Raise awareness & improve engagement

Provide fast facts and trading hours. Show baby change room facilities or emphasise best exits for individuals with special needs such as wheelchair access.

Improve navigation

Our cloud software is used in conjunction with Wayfinder apps to assist visitors and locals with navigating through an unfamiliar area/building.

Critical alerts

Send public safety announcements in real time such as storm warnings or precinct wide evacuation procedures.

Family friendly content

WiFi network content is family friendly with active filtering and a secure channel meaning decision makers in the public eye are ensured to be adhering to best practice policy and procedure.