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Events and Conferences

Event management covers a wide spectrum of scenarios from conferences to sporting stadiums and large festivals. Myport ensures event organisers can communicate real time information on a secure platform, with the added benefit of collecting valuable information on attendees so decision makers can improve the attendees experience and interaction.

Improved interaction via information sharing

Communication is key to any event and Myport provides a dynamic platform for program and event information. Provide attendees with up to date programs, itineraries and schedule of events, feeding changes or important notifications as they happen.

Data collection

A small survey prior to sign in can provide useful feedback on event facilities/exhibits. Or allow attendees to login via their social media accounts and capture invaluable information and feedback for future event planning.

Myport’s portal can also provide useful analytics such as a breakdown of users by device or attendees’ footfall throughout a conference including where / how clusters were formed which can assist in future facility planning.

Monetising WiFi

Events are unique in that they bring together large crowds of like-minded individuals in the one place at the one time. This is a fantastic opportunity to sell your event splash page to a corporate sponsor as part of their sponsorship package, offering a captive audience and valuable analytics such as age, gender and online interaction while at the event.

Safe, reliable and legally compliant

Myport event WiFi ensures high speed, quality connections at the speeds you require, regardless of concurrent user requirements. Our events team are dedicated to providing leading edge WiFi solutions from pop up festivals with intense bandwidth requirements to permanent conference facilities requiring leading edge monitoring and contingency planning.