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Government WiFi Setup

Myport works across a wide array of government bodies and industries. Health and education are just two examples, to enquire further about our latest government projects contact us today.


Tertiary, secondary and even primary education are rapidly expanding their WiFi consumption and Myport is working across the entire educational spectrum to ensure information is streamed seamlessly when and where required.
Myport lets you control, monetise and manage your network your way, while adding value to the students experience through education, collaboration and assistance.


Initial campus orientation can be a myriad of information and detailed physical navigation. Make it easy on first time students or visitors with easy WiFi navigation through Wayfinder apps or location maps. Parents can be directed to specific locations for parent teacher evenings or campus/faculty information, orientation schedules and campus safety information can all be included as part of a student’s initial induction.

Student Bodies

Digital noticeboards and calendars inform students about important scholastic dates, while homepage advertising can help promote or raise funds for big-ticket social events.


Gathering data on consumption patterns such as who, where, when, site access, age, frequency and location can assist administrators to tailor information and updates to the relevant student groups. Key data such as class attendance and equipment requirements can ensure facilities and resources are utilised within the school grounds/university campus to their full potential.

Secure & Filtered

Myport ensures industry best practice compliance with safe, legally compliant content. From the primary school to university student, you control who accesses secure family friendly content.

Critical alerts

Send public safety announcements in real time such as storm warnings or precinct wide evacuation procedures.

Data capture

Gather valuable marketing insights about your guest including age, gender and location. Grow a stronger, qualified digital database with opt in email addresses.


Electronic medical records, IP-based video applications and better patient care all mean hospitals and health care facilities require reliable WiFi that’s flexible enough for the industries requirements.

Administrative staff can collect valuable feedback from short survey forms sent to patients upon arrival or departure.
At the same time medical staff can leverage the network to share information in real time including lab tests, x-rays, prescriptions and other confidential patient results.

Appointment reminders can be sent and diarised and Wayfinder apps can assist in patient navigation from the car park to the appointment room.

Myport also works with industry bodies to ensure both people and equipment are in the right place at the right time.
Hospital equipment such as wheel chairs can be fitted with GPS devices to ensure safe return and restricted areas can be monitored to ensure privacy and security (for example staff only areas, prescription medication and after hours visitation security).