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WiFi Hardware Sales

Plug and Play

Some of our solutions don’t even require a site survey. Small and large retailers, cafes and bars are all taking advantage of Myport’s plug and play solutions.

Simply contact us about our WiFi hotspot in a box solutions and we’ll ship it to you. Plug it in, link your social media accounts and you’ll start getting to know your customers better.

With WiFi Marketing, WiFi Analytics, Social WiFi, WiFi Management and flexible drop and drag design tools you’ll discover that Myport’s software portal is so much more than just a WiFi connection.


Our solutions are scalable so no job is too big and no area too large. From a single room to residential towers and entire precincts, we’ll ensure every router and access point connects seamlessly for maximum coverage and speed.

With a wide range of deployment options and a product suite that we tailor to your environment our smart network plans reduce the number of access points to increase overall cost efficiencies. Contact us today to discuss how Myport WiFi management systems can benefit your business.


Myport has partnerships with the leading WiFi vendors and can provide an end to end solution for you. Our software is device agnostic and works with all major brands.