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Residential WiFi for Apartment Buildings

Installing and managing WiFi for apartment buildings has never been easier with Myport’s simple solution that improves the net value of your management rights.

For some decision makers in the residential building industry WiFi for their buildings is an easy set and forget decision – simply outsource it to a reputable ISP. Myport’s WIFI Network management system makes you the preferred ISP for your residents.

The main benefits include:

Property developers, body corporates and building managers are all benefiting from Myport’s WiFi. Regardless of the development stage (planning, development approval, construction or established) we have a cost effective, tailored solution for your property.


  • We install a fibre internet connection into the basement of your building, then connect cabling to distribute this connection to wireless routers installed in each room/area requiring WiFi coverage.

  • Generate significant recurring revenue by on-selling your wholesale/bulk internet connection to individual tenants at a retail price that’s competitive with any major ISP.

Below are some of the most common queries/concerns raised by decision makers when enquiring how or why they should consider investing in a WiFi solution for a residential building. If you want to learn more about the financial return on a WiFi network applicable to your individual property, contact us now.

How do you become an Internet Service Provider? It sounds complex and something best left to a specialist Telco company.
It’s simple & easy. Our cloud-based portal allows you to customise your residents’ internet pricing while we take care of network management and support.
It sounds expensive. It’d be more cost effective to outsource Internet Service Providing to a third party.
Profitable net return – contact us now so we can show you how it works for your building.
What’s my return on investment?
You receive 100% of the revenue as a recurring revenue stream, not the ISP.
Highly time consuming?
Residents deal directly with Myport for signup and support.
Is there much flexibility in your management platform?
Our intuitive software allows managers to create and adjust pricing plans, check user accounts, monitor live bandwidth and data usage, along with tiered level reporting. Myport facilitates email/ SMS for bandwidth alerts, data usage alerts (for both the customer and the fibre pipe) and declined credit cards.
How do I reconcile payments and billing?
Myport invoices the customer directly.
My promotions budget is limited.
We offer cost effective marketing programs tailored to your residential requirements.
I’m not sure about Wi-Fi.
We’ll explain it; check out our FAQ’s or contact usnow and a team member can explain how it can work for you (we can make that conversation as technical/untechnical as you’d like).
You’re boring me.
We’re sorry but it’s exciting to us.
Wait for connection after move in to residence.
Internet connection available instantly.
Pay disconnection and reinstallation fee to ISP.
No set up fees.
Long term contract.
No contract – Flexible weekly/monthly/annual plans available.
Coverage limited to apartment.
Can use individual connection in building common areas.
Router/modem required.
No equipment required.