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WiFi for Retail Businesses

Online retailers gather important data on their customers buying patterns, and use that information to optimise and tailor their virtual shopping experience. Myport levels the playing fields giving brick-and-mortar retailers real time data and intelligent analytics. From small corner stores to large shopping centres, Myport’s cloud based software gives traditional retailers a better view of their customers’ digital profile, along with the tools to engage them online.

Social engagement

MyPort offers several ways to engage your guests with social media. Visitors can login into your WiFi with their favourite social media account making it easy for them to check in, share or like your in-store specials. You’ll also get to know them better as you collect important demographics from their login and online activity, making it easy to offer more personalised and relevant in-store offers.

Information capture

Give your customers free WiFi and in return get to know them better. Create flexible databases from social media interaction, a login email address or a simple survey. Recognise new customers and reward return customers by incorporating loyalty program offers on your customised landing page.

Targeted offers in real time

Our intuitive dashboard allows you to launch a targeted campaigns in minutes. Upload a template or new creative, define target segments, deploy and even report in real time. And we’re constantly evolving our API’s so our cloud software can work seamlessly with your existing point of sale systems.

Address ‘show rooming’

Retailers know their products and pricing are under constant scrutiny from customers comparing, reviewing and buying online.

Myports portal navigation can counter this ‘show rooming’ effect by navigating customers through URLs that enhance the appeal of your products (details, consumer reviews, product research) or incentivise (trigger offers, exclusive rewards, or best buy guarantees).

Personalised splash page & POS offers

Extend your brand further with a fully customisable splash page that can incentivise and personalise point of sale offers to your customers.

Advertising Revenue

Monetise your WiFi by selling prime positioning advertising on your landing page. Offer your suppliers or a corporate sponsor a captive audience with targeted messaging and give them valuable analytics such as age, gender and online interaction while in-store.